The Khmer Rouge Genocide




                    My name is Vimuolea Hang. I am a 10th grader (class of 2013) studying in the International School of Phnom Penh. For my Personal Project, I have created this site posted on Moodle to honor the victims of the Khmer Rouge and to teach our ISPP community, especially the younger generations, a bit about Cambodia’s dark past under their oppressive reign.

Brief Overview

The Khmer Rouge Soldiers
                 After winning the battle against the American backed Lon Nol government, the Khmer Rouge marched into the capital city of Phnom Penh on April 17th, 1975 and took over Cambodia. Under their reign, Cambodia’s population started to decline as they suffered immense killings and torture. Cambodia’s economy collapsed and for most people, they had to perform hard labor out in the fields. Over 2million people (1/3 of Cambodia’s population) died at the end of this horrid regime, whereas countless survivors are still traumatized by this atrocious event.

The soldiers when they invaded Phnom Penh
                     This site will guide you through the KR genocide, allowing readers to not only know what had happened, by also get a sense of what the experience feels like through the survivor interviews and testimonies. Hopefully, this would also somewhat provide the victims, who either died or survived, with a sense of justice.

The Khmer Rouge Regime


Books Related to the KR

Survivor Stories/Interviews

Grade 10's Reflection on the KR